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S-3 Continues Bipartisan Growth

Firm adds former Bernie Sanders Chief of Staff Washington, DC – S-3 Public Affairs today announced the addition of Michaeleen Earle Crowell. She most recently served as Chief of Staff to US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). S-3 Public Affairs takes a holistic approach to public affairs. Recognizing the changing landscape and playbook in DC, the […]

Smart 3 | 10/7/18

By S-3 Public Affairs Welcome back and happy Sunday. Each week we take a look at the “Smart 3” news items driving and shaping the media landscape. Reminder to start stocking up on candy. You have 24 days to Halloween.  And pop some popcorn, as we have 30 more days to Election Day. FACTS OF THE WEEK 1. If […]

Smart 3 | 9/30/18

By S-3 Public Affairs Welcome back to the Sunday Agenda. This week we take a look at the “Smart 3” news items driving and shaping the media landscape. FACTS OF THE WEEK 1. Kavanaugh hearings dominate social media conversation. Thursday morning all Top 10 trending Twitter topics in the United States were dedicated to the same thing – the […]

Agenda 9/23/18

By S-3 Public Affairs FACT OF THE WEEK Axios reports on a new study from Pearson Education on the way Generation Z is learning. Axios writes, “Generation Z students, classified as being between the ages of 14 and 23, believe that YouTube is a bigger contributor to their education than textbooks, according to a study […]

Agenda 9/16/18

By S-3 Public Affairs FACT OF THE WEEK Would you keep your Netflix account if it started running ads? CNBC reports, “Almost one-quarter (23 percent) of consumers say they would drop their subscription if the streaming service included ads, according to a study conducted by Hub Entertainment Research.Less than half (41 percent) said they would definitely […]

Agenda 9/9/18

By S-3 Public Affairs FACT OF THE WEEK The State of the Screens takes a look at the actual cost of advertising on TV versus digital and finds that TV’s expensive reputation may not match its value, depending on the audience you are trying to reach. “There are more minutes of video advertising delivered daily […]

Agenda 9/2/18

By S-3 Public Affairs Senator John McCain will be laid to rest today following a week of moving tributes. The Washington Post reports, “Just 35 Americans have laid in state or honor at the U.S. Capitol — an elite group of American history’s most revered public servants, military leaders and private citizens.” FACT OF THE […]

September Look-Ahead

The Senate is expected to consider: The first week will focus on nominations. Other items the Senate may consider this month: legislation relating to opioids; FAA reauthorization; and conference reports as they become available (E&W/MilCon/LegBranch minibus; Interior/FSGG/Ag/Thud minibus; DoD/LaborHHS minibus; Farm Bill). Floor consideration for the Kavanaugh nomination could be the last week. The House is […]

Agenda 8/19/18

By S-3 Public Affairs FACT OF THE WEEK Quartz reports on a new survey exploring the “culture versus strategy” debate. The review finds that the more senior you are in the organization, the more emphasis you are likely to put on culture. “There is a marked tilt in favor of culture in the higher levels […]

Agenda 8/12/18

By S-3 Public Affairs FACT OF THE WEEK The Hill reports, “NASA successfully launched Sunday humanity’s first ever probe to the sun, kicking off a daring seven-year mission to better understand Earth’s closest star. Carried on United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Delta IV Heavy rocket, the Parker Solar Probe blasted off from Space Launch Complex 37 […]