Smart 3 | 10/28/18

By S-3 Public Affairs

We’re nine days from the election, and Halloween is on Wednesday (!). Expect a lot of candy mysteriously showing up in the office Thursday morning.

Each week we take a look at the “Smart 3” stories driving and shaping the media landscape.

Since we’re so close to the election, let’s start with a discussion on bipartisanship.


1. Bipartisanship is alive in Washington. 

Well, sorta.

Carl Hulse takes a look at the changing model of trade association leadership advocacy.

New York Times:

“The model has changed,” said Michael Sommers, who served as chief of staff to John A. Boehner when he was House speaker. After a stint at one trade group, Mr. Sommers was in May named head of the American Petroleum Institute, one of the country’s largest and most powerful industry organizations.
He and others say that influential trade groups are no longer looking to build instant status and credibility by bringing on prominent former lawmakers. Instead, they are looking for skilled managers and communicators with Washington expertise who are capable of effectively running large, multimillion-dollar organizations and being held accountable to representing the interests of their members.


2. Is there more technology in your iPhone than launched the Apollo mission? 

As the United Launch Alliance (ULA) celebrated their 50th launch for the U.S. Air Force, we took a moment to compare the technology we all carry in our pocket to that of the Apollo mission.

Popular Mechanics: “an iPhone does have more computing power than all of NASA had during the Apollo days.”

The takeaway: We’re constantly adapting our thinking about what “BIG” means. Things that seemed impossible yesterday quickly become the norm as the world rapidly changes around us.

3. Something fun: skipping college and going straight to an internship. 

Yes, you can go straight from high school to a high-paid internship. You just need to be 6’9 and have a mean jump shot.

Darius Bazley is going to be an intern for New Balance and make $1 million for three months of service.

Marc Stein: The Million-Dollar Intern (h/t Mike Allen)


Political debates and campaign rallies fill the calendar as we sprint to Election Day.

Monday (October 29): Vermont Senate debate; Kentucky 6th Congressional District debate; New York 19th Congressional District debate; Wisconsin 1st Congressional District debate; POLITICO Playbook event on the midterms featuring Reps. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) and Ryan Costello (R-PA) in Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday (October 30): Indiana Senate debate; New York 24th Congressional District debate; Virginia 2nd Congressional District debate; POLITICO Playbook event with Vice President Mike Pence

Wednesday (October 31): President Trump holds a campaign rally in Fort Myers, FL; National Press Club Headliners Luncheon with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)

Thursday (November 1): President Trump holds a campaign rally in Columbia, MO; West Virginia Senate debateWashington Post event on the state of small business with speakers including National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow

Friday (November 2): Council on Foreign Relations event with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

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